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4 February 2013

Piotr Kwit

Bullfinch (紅腹灰雀)
Poland (2012)
31st October, 2011. Chorzów

Piotr Kwit (1929-2002), is a nature painter of Poland. He was a folk artist from the village of Zalesie, near Limanowa in southern Poland. He sculpted birds, saints, historical personalities and classical music composers. He painted landscapes of the Gorce and the Beskid Wyspowy hills and of his home village as well as birds and religious scenes.

Below maxicard shown an illustration postcard 50's year of last century in Switzerland. Only three-colour lithographic to be processed and this is the most modernised in this era.

 Bullfinch (紅腹灰雀)
Poland (2012)
10th October, 2011. Limanowa
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