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29 June 2013

Iran's owls

From left to bottom :
1100Rls. : Spotted Owlet (斑腹小鴞) ; 600Rls. : Northern Long-eared Owl (長耳鴞)
1600Rls. : Pallid Scops-Owl (縱紋角鴞) ; 2200Rls. : Brown Fish-Owl (褐漁鴞)

Iran (2011)
14th December, 2011. Tehran (Philatelic Bureau)

This stamp set also celebrated 50th anniversary of WWF but it stored in my album for a long time, few months ago I decided to obtain cancellation and finally get a nice FDI postmark. Four species are selected as endemic species to middle-asia area.

The big problem is, who knows what the red-postmark read?

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