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15 March 2013

Domestic birds of Albania

Clockwise from left :
White Stork (擬游隼) ; Golden Eagle (金雕)
Eurasian Eagle-owl (鵰鴞) ; Eurasian Capercaillie (松雞)

Albania (2003)
4th February, 2013. Tirana

After the maxicard shown last year, here is the complete sheetlet on the cover. Thanks Hu for the special help of the sheet and another mail to be shown next post. The sheet illustrated couple of local birds of Albania, as well as south Europe. Except those four species on the stamps, the frame also includes Common Pheasant (雉雞), Dalmatian Pelican (卷羽鵜鶘) and Mute Swan (疣鼻天鵝).

Unfortunately as the sheet illustrated in dark colour, the postmark is not clear enough show on the sheet.