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13 October 2013

The Red Book of Lithuania

From left to right :
2,15Lt : Aquatic Warbler (水棲葦鶯) ; 2,90Lt : Tawny Pipit (平原鷚)
White-tailed Eagle (白尾鷲)

Lithuania (2013, 2011)
18th September, 2013. Vilnius

In September 2013, Lithuania Post continues to release two new stamps from the series 'The Red Book of Lithuania' after 2011.

The Aquatic Warbler is the only species of European passerine birds included into the list of globally endangered species. The Aquatic Warbler breeds in the territories stretching from the western France to the River of Ob. In the north, the habitats cover the southern part of the Baltic Sea Coast, southern Finland, and the upper reaches of the Rivers Volga and Kama. In the south, the habitats embrace the upper reaches of the River of Belaja, northern Ukraine, the Balkans, and the lower reaches of the River of Rona.

The Tawny Pipit prevails in the temperate climate zone of Europe, in part of Asia, and north-western Africa. This migrant bird spends winters in Africa and Indian subcontinent. In Lithuania, it is found in the Curonian Spit and the coast of the Baltic Sea as well as in the south east of the country.

The stamp on the far right, issued on 2011, is White-tailed Eagle.

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