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4 March 2009

Turkey definitive stamps

250.000 Lira : Rüppell's Warbler (魯普氏林鶯)
600.000 Lira : Melodious Warbler (優音籬鶯)
1.000.000 Lira : Chaffinch (蒼頭燕雀) ; 100.000 Lira : Firecrest (火冠戴菊)
Turkey (2004)
15th August, 2007. Konak, İzmir

Sorry for the small scan, I known that it is very small, however I forgot to save high resolution image in library. This is beautiful definitive stamp set issued on 2004, disappointed it features 8 stamps only. I hope I can get some envelopes with full of these stamps, until now I got one which sent by ebay seller. Most of species of the set not very special and have been appeared on this blog before. Exception is those two warblers. They are widely found in Europe and Great Britain. Stamps shown them clearly and I do not need any description.
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