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26 May 2009

Birds of Philippines again

From left to right :
5 pesos : Brown Shrike (紅尾伯勞) ; 8 pesos : Apo Myna (阿波王椋鳥)
10 pesos : Blue-crowned Racquet-tail (藍冠扇尾鸚鵡)
50 pesos : Grey-headed Fish-Eagle (灰頭漁雕)
Philippines (2009)
4th May, 2009. Manila
5th May, 2009. Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila

Philippines reissued some domestic bird definitive stamps with new designs in this year, thanks Myron again of this cover, franked four of them on the envelope. Brown Shrike Apo Myna and Blue-crowned Racquet-tail are endemic resident species of Mindanao Island, in the south of Philippines ; moreover Blue-crowned Racquet-tail also appears in Luzon Island. Brown Shrike is very common in far east, living and bleeding in north-east China, Korea and Japan and migrates to south-east Asia countries in winter. Grey-headed Fish-Eagle is resident bird can be found in Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma.
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