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20 July 2009

Another mail from Vietnam

From left to right :
2000d : Pel's Fishing Owl (橫斑漁鴞) ; 1000d : Tawny Owl (灰林鴞)
400d : Eastern Brown Fish Owl (褐漁鴞)
10000d : Northern White-faced Owl (白臉角鴞)
5000d : Spotted Wood Owl (點斑林鴞)
Vietnam (1995)

22nd May, 2009. Hanoi
5th June, 2009. Hongkong

This mail arrived on the same day with last mail from Vietnam, actually they are same requests on the stamp exhibition. Same as last mail, it didn't send by registered mail although postage paid. Not surprise these five stamps not illustrate species of Vietnam again, as it is feature of this country. Pel's Fishing Owl is a large owl can be found in most African countries. Northern White-faced Owl and Brown Fish Owl can be found in some south-Asian countries, one of subspecies lives in Vietnam and south-east China called B. z. orientalis. Spotted Wood Ow can be found in south-east Asia, seems rarely live in Vietnam.
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