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27 July 2009

Doves of Polynesia

L : Marquesas Pigeon (馬克薩斯皇鳩) ; R : Rapa Island Fruit Dove (拉帕島皇鳩)
French Polynesia (1995)

30th June, 2009. Mahina (Philatelic Bureau)
1st June, 2009. Mahina, Tahiti

These two endangered doves are small population endemic to French Polynesia. Rapa Island Fruit Dove lives inthe tiny island of Rapa in the Tubuai Islands, only about 270 samples has been recorded in 1990 and amount still decreasing until now. Perhaps it is because the birds lack of food, the situation changes little bit after introduced of the Chinese Guava (草莓番石榴).

Marquesas Pigeon is endemic to Nuku Hiva of Marquesas Islands, only 85 birds have been found and the population was estimated at 250 on 1998. In 18th century the bird can be found in the Society Islands of Tahiti, and fossil found in the Southern Cook Islands and Henderson in the Pitcairn Islands. Now this species becomes stable, the population increased by 28% in the 2006 and it is anticipated to reach 50 individuals by 2010.

Beside these two dove stamps, above cover also features the Polynesian tattoo, a folk arts painted on human skin. And the plant Night-blooming Cereus (曇花), origin planted in Brazil and Mexico.
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