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7 July 2009

Petrels of New Caledonia

From left to right :
Tahiti Petrel (鈎嘴圓尾鸌) ; White-winged Petrel (厚嘴圆尾鹱)
White-throated Storm Petrel (白喉海燕)
New Caledonia (2008)

29th June, 2009. Noumea

From 2005, New Caledonia issues a set of bird stamps in each year, mostly features three birds in one set. Here has been shown two stamps of 2006 series, now above cover shown the series issued on 2008, which illustrated three petrels can be found in New Caledonia.

Tahiti Petrel qualifies as Near Threatened widely lives in the islands nearby Australia to Tahiti of French Polynesia, and also rarely flies to Pacific off-coast of Mexico, the sub-species can be found in Taiwan. White-winged Petrel is in high population of New Caledonia, but some of them breeding in Australia. White-throated Storm Petrel lives between the islands of South Pacific from New Caledonia to Chile, these two species qualify as Vulnerable due to small number of bleeding ranges and locations.
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