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11 July 2009

Polish zoos

1,35 zł : Emperor Tamarin (皇狨猴) ; 3 zł : African Elephant (普通非洲象)
2,40 zł : Black Stork (黑鸛) ; 3,55 zł : Snow Leopard (雪豹)
Poland (2007)
14th May, 2009. Central Station, Warsaw

This is a piece of a tourist mail from Poland, thanks Yoram sent me this nice cover, although the postmarks and some stamps are not nice enough. The cover franked a set of Polish zoos stamps issued on 2007, four stamps illustrate four species feeding in zoo of Poland - they are located in Płock, Łódź, Gdańsk-Oliwa and Cracow respectively. Of course, except Black Stock, those species can't be found in Poland, or all European countries.

Black Stork has been shown in here two times, they are issued by Belarus and Algeria. Emperor Tamarin can be found in south-west of Amazon, from Peru to Bolivia, Afican Elephant widely lives in grasslands of Africa. The last one, Snow Leopard is an endemic species to Hohxil, the religion of south-west China.
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