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23 July 2009

Second mail from Cambodia

From left to right :
Black-naped Oriole (黑枕黃鸝) ; Bohemian Waxwing (太平鳥)
Great Grey Shrike (楔尾伯勞) ; Varied Tit (赤腹山雀)
Cambodia (1995, 1997)

6th July, 2009. Phnom Penh

It is second mail from Cambodia, four stamps are come from two issues released on 1995 and 1997 separately. Actually, they are real stamps and valid for postage until now, however as the image of Cambodia stamps are not good during 90's year of last century - people dislike to collect them because some of stamps printed with faked postmark sell in cheap value to beginner collector. Beside of this reason, the stamps still collective as some species only illustrated on Cambodia stamps.

Those four species are very common in Asia, but only Black-naped Oriole can be found in Cambodia. Black-naped Oriole is a beautiful bird, looks golden-yellow feather with blacked nape, also can sings nice sound. It breeds in north-east China and migrates to south Asia in winter.

Below cover from Taiwan also features two Varied Tit stamps, subspecies of Varied Tit is endemic to Taiwan. Other population can be found in the range from Kuril Islands of Russia, Japan, Korea Peninsular to Taiwan.

Varied Tit (赤腹山雀)
Taiwan (2007)

21st December, 2008. Keelung
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