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14 July 2009

They are not French

In recent years, France issued couple of stamps illustrate many species can't be found in France continent (as known as Metropolitan France), some of them are endemic to its overseas territories or other place not related to France, here are three of them.

Phorusrhacos longissimus (長腿恐鶴) ; Barau's Petrel (留尼汪圓尾鸌)
France (2008, 2007)
15th July, 2008. Rue de Louvre, Paris

Phorusrhacos (恐鶴屬), actually it is in Latin language, only one species under this genus called P. longissimus. A prehistoric species only can be found in Patagonia, the area include east of Andes and the south of Río Colorado, Argentina. This bird cannot fly and looks like Ostrich (鴕鳥), it is an only bird of prey of Patagonia in mid-Miocene date, but it extinct over 2 millions years.

Barau's Petrel is an endangered seabird range from Réunion and Madagascar to West Australia and Indonesia. Moderately defined "M" mark across wings and with blacked bill. Only 6,000 to 8,000 birds are found in Indian Ocean and the population is decreasing.

California Condor (加州神鷲)
France (2009)

26th June, 2009. Amilly, Loiret
5th July, 2009. Hongkong

California Condor is the largest bird of North America, only lives in Grand Canyon area, California and north part of Baja California, Mexico. It looks black, with widest wings but doesn't have feather on its head, the skin colour can be changed due to its emotion. California Condor can lives near 50 year old and it is one of longest life bird in the world. However, because of illegal hunting, lead poisoning and damage of habitat, population of California Condor is decreasing rapidly since 19th century. Only about 330 birds recorded on December 2008.
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