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19 September 2009

Wetland birds of Thailand

Upper : Black-winged Stilt (黑翅長腳鷸) ; Lower : Painted Stork (彩鸛)
Thailand (1997)

22nd August, 2009. Samsennai, Bangkok

Thanks Terdsak for this mail, the stamps on the cover issued more than 10 years ago and I collected them in block of 4 and mini-sheet after the issue day. The post office issued many beautiful bird stamps in the past 30 years include ducks, parrots and hornbills, unfortunately it hasn't continuous to issue bird stamps after 2001 and latest issue is Green Peafowl (綠孔雀), which issued on 2008.

This stamp set illustrates 4 species quite common to be found in wetland of Thailand. They also like appear on field and waterfront. Stamps shown the Black-winged Stilt in field and Painted Stork in wetland.
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