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11 October 2009

Joint issue - Portugal and Iran

0,32 € : Western Osprey (魚鷹) ; 0,80 € : White-tailed Eagle (白尾鷲)
Portugal (2009)

21st September, 2009. Lisbon (with first day postmark)

It is a quite interesting joint issue, originally the stamps to be issued on 24 June of individual country and all kind of thing are ready before day of issue. However only issue of Iran was come out on this day, Portugal one was suspended suddenly and to be delayed on 21 September as unexpected reason.

Here is the posted first day cover of Portugal sent by philatelic bureau in Lisbon, unfortunately I still haven't collect Iran's cover when this thread posted. Stamps are illustrated two common prey of birds of these two countries, these two bird shown here before respective in Sweden and Uzbekistan issues. So pity that stamps designed in se-tangent style but printed independently of Portugal issue.

It is third and the last bird issue of Portugal and its archipelagos in this year., other issues are Bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin and Lakes of Azores.
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