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20 February 2010

Owls of the world (1)

Long-eared Owl (長耳鴞)
St Vincent and the Grenadines (2001)

6th November, 2009. Kingstown, St Vincent

Afer a year, another new items from St Vincent was came again, this time are one maxicard and one cover with a set of Owls of the world, which was issued on 2001. The stamps illustrated 6 different owls however seems none of them to be found in this small islands. But after I checked the books and related refernece, Long-eared owl is a common owl species in Asia, Europe and North America. After the breeding season the birds may partially migrate to south for winter, so I think there have a chance to obverse Long-eared Owl in St Vincent.

Same as last mail, the card cancelled by philatelic bureau of St Vincent again. Different than last mail, the cancellation renewed as well as United States' style. It looks more clear and sharpness.

In the other side of the world, another maxicard also produced from Switzerland. The card was completed the 2007 Domestic Bird definitive series as other three were arranged on 2007 and 2008 respectively. As the last description, Tengmalm's Owl also very common in Asia, Europe and North America. In Switzerland, it mostly appear in pin forest area of Jura, the small mountain range in the north of Alps. The card shown below is a Tengmalm's owl nesting in a branch of pin tree, and cancelled in Saignelegier, where is a municipality in the canton of Jura. A small nature reserve Etang de la Gruère is located in this municipality.

Tengmalm's Owl (鬼鴞)
Switzerland (2007)

22nd January, 2010. Saignelegier
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