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14 April 2010

National bird of Israel

L : Hoopoe (戴勝) ; R : Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)
Israel (2010)

27th January, 2010. Jerusalem

In January, Israel issued couple of issues, they are 50th anniversary of Lions Israel ; 150th anniversary of Alliance Israelite Universelle and National Bird. The first one, Lions Israel will be shown later as the stamp illustrated Yellow-legged Gull (黄腿鷗), the bird will also be a actor of my first personalised stamp printed on late-April. In here I would show the issue National Bird first, these these three stamps illustrate three common birds in Israel but only the middle one - Hoopoe is the national bird of Israel.

Thanks for Eli again for these two covers, however the covers seem oddly as their cancellations are not interrelation - first one is 50th anniversary of Lion Israel and second one is 150th anniversary of Alliance Israelite Universelle, anyway they look fine.

Follow this issue, there has a maxicard of Goldfinch, but it doesn't finish when this post written.

Graceful Prinia (優雅山鷦鶯)
Israel (2010)

27th January, 2010. Jerusalem
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