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7 November 2010

Animals in threatened habitats

From left to right :
2:20 kr : White-tailed Eagle (白尾鷲) ; 2:30 kr : Ural Owl (長尾林鴞)
2:40 kr : Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (小斑啄木鳥)
Sweden (1988, 1989)
7th September, 2010. Uppsala

According to couple of posts are jammed, the shortest time to finish all the jammed posting possibly on next March. Thus I decided post all mails before this Christmas which sent by friends on August and September. The first one is from Sweden, thanks Ronald for the cover, the stamps on above cover issued over 20 years but they not look old enough. These three species are quite common in Europe however as the title says Animals in threatened habitats, it means they are facing damage of their habitats, at least at this moment. In mid-20th century, most of woodlands be destroyed for their paper-making, furniture-making and other industrials related to wood.
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