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1 November 2010

First aerogramme of Slovenia

Lesser Kestrel (黃爪隼)
Slovenia (1996)
11th October, 2010. Službeno, Maribor

In recent days, there have oddly aerogramme hit in philatelist, the old fashion letter sheet began to use before 1840, the issue year of Penny Black. It mostly used to save postage and popular during World War II. Nowadays as the cheap communication teleology, most countries discontinuous to issue new version aerogramme. Above aerogramme is the first aerogramme issued by Slovenia, after it was independent from former Yugoslavia, possibly to commemorate the air show held at Cierklje, during June 29 to 30 of 1996. The imprinted non-value indicated stamp shown Santos-Dumont Demoiselle (1909) ; Howard DGA-6 (1934) ; Concorde (1969) and Posta (1996).

Although the aerogramme issued on 1996, it still valid for postage according to it does not indicate value. The aerogramme on the left side imprinted Lesser Kestrel, which originally appears on the bird issue of 1995. Until now, only three aerogrammes issued by Slovenia and two of them are related to bird and aviation themes. Lesser Kestrel be listed as vulnerable class in IUCN list, it is a migrated species when commonly to found them on the range of Southern Europe to Middle East, and partly north-east China ; while they migrate to sub-Sahara area during winter, and some of kestrels are resident of north Morocco or Algeria. The population in recent 10 years decreased by 30% according to inhabit destruction.
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