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30 November 2010

International Year of Biodiversity (7) - Malta

€1,40 : Maltese Freshwater Crab (馬耳他淡水蟹)
€0,68 : European Storm Petrel (暴風海燕)
Malta (2010)

15th November, 2010. Marsa (Philatelic Bureau)

This is the seventh cover related to the theme International Year of Biodiversity, again it is European country which located in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. Four stamps illustrated variety species to be found in biodiversity environment, here selected three and affixed on two individual covers, the first one as above. Maltese Freshwater Crab is endemic freshwater crab to Maltese islands, it looks reddish grown with 10 legs, originally it was live over the island areas but population decreasing in recent years, and now rare to find in this nation. Storm Petrel, is a small migratory sea-bird commonly to be found in north Atlantic and western Mediterranean. In each summer, it flies from northernmost of Atlantic island - Nólsoy, the breeding colony in the Faroes to south for Malta, the large colony of Storm Petrel.

Another cover features Maltese Wall Lizard (馬爾他牆壁蜥蜴) is showing on the page International Year of Biodiversity at meanwhile.
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