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1 February 2011

Dusk at Poyang Lake

Dusk at Poyang Lake (江西 鄱陽湖)
China (2001)
5th August, 2008. Gulou, Nanjing

Very sorry I forget to show you this beautiful pre-paid postcard two years ago ! It was sent by a friend who lives in Nanjiang. Poyang Lake is famous wetland conservation in Jiangxi, the national reserve founded on June, 1983. Now it is the important bird-watching paradise in mainland China.

The picture Dusk at Poyang Lake drawn by unknown artist, who illustrated a group of Oriental Stork (東方白鸛) active in the bank of Poyang Lake during dusk. In the past, Oriental Stork wrongly defined as sub-species of White Stork (白鸛) but they are inhabiting in different places. In post-19980s, they divided to two species and Oriental Stork now is an endangered species in eastern countries.

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