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10 February 2011

Herons & Egrets

From left to right :
800K : Eastern Cattle Egret (牛背鷺) ; 3400K : Eastern Great Egret (大白鷺)
700K : Intermediate Egret (中白鷺) ; 3100K : Grey Heron (蒼鷺)

Laos (2001)
Top : Red Junglefowl (茶花雞)
Laos (2005)
30th August, 2010. Vientiane

This time, I don't want to talk about birds, as these four egrets and heron are commonly to be found in south-east Asian countries.. Laos, perhaps is a secret country to western since they considered to close its country in mid-70's years and opens to the world on 1991. Nowadays, except its capital Vientiane, few of people understand the country except its famous opium in Golden Triangle area.

Above cover with a great help of a stamp dealer in Vientiane, it may be an only stamp dealer in this country. The stamps look different than single stamps which have white frames, as they were come from Philanippon '01 souvenir sheet. However it is disappointed to the sheet not printed in high quality while the colour almost blur and overall not sharp enough, I do think the reason is the stamps printed in Vietnam, instead of most new issues printed in China.

The original souvenir sheet shown as below. Please note that there have a serial code on the top-right corner.

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