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24 July 2011

25th anniversary of Buzin, part 2

From left to right :
Common Buzzard (鵟) ; Eurasian Hobby (燕隼)
European Honey Buzzard (鵰頭鷹) ; Red Kite (紅鳶)
Northern Goshawk (蒼鷹)
Belgium (2010)
30th November, 2010. Bruxelles de Brouckere, Brussels

In last year, a souvenir sheet issued for the 25th anniversary of Buzin definitive stamp and thanks to Thomas he sent me a nice cover with one stamp and Buzin's autograph. When today is one year after its issue, here shown another cover with whole souvenir sheet. Thanks to Yoram of London who spent a day trip to Brussels for Christmas shopping. The sheet illustrate five birds of prey are common in Europe, but the main feature of the sheet is Buzin drawing a buzzard in countryside. It seems the first time he appears on stamps - even only in frames.

So pity that the postmark is not clear enough to read, the date and place of sending only to be found in the ugly postage counter label.
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