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18 July 2011

Europa 2011 : Forest

Azores : Azores Bullfinch (亞速爾紅腹灰雀)
Madeira : European Robin (知更鳥)
Portugal / Azores / Madeira (2011)

9th May, 2011. Lisbon
L : Trocaz Pigeon (長趾鴿) ; R : European Robin (知更鳥)
Madeira (2011)

9th May, 2011. Funchal
R : Azores Bullfinch (亞速爾紅腹灰雀)
Azores (2011)

9th May, 2011. Ponta Delgada

This year, the United Nations proclaimed that 2011 is the International Year of the Forest. Many countries issue stamps or post stationery related theme, PostEurop also decided Forest is the theme of Europa stamp 2011. In here is a set of Europa issue of Portugal, and its territories Madeira and Azores. The stamps shown how people use resource of the forest (Portugal), enjoy the forest (Madeira) and live together with forest (Azores). Those stamps appear three species are endemic to Madeira or Azores, except the robin.

In the meantime, the Portugal Post issued a special pre-paid postcard made with cork, to commemorate the International Year of the Forest. The postcard and special postmark feature the logo of this activity.

International Year of the Forest (國際森林年)
Portugal (2011)
9th May, 2011. Lisbon