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29 July 2011

Aerogrammes of Great Britain

From left to right :
British Coastal Birds
Atlantic Puffin (北極海鸚) ; Black-legged Kittiwake (三趾鷗) ; Guillemot (普通海鴉)
British Moorland and Upland Birds
Willow Grouse (柳雷鳥) ; Eurasian Golden-Plover (歐金斑鴴) ; Black Grouse (黑琴雞)
British Birds - the Crow Family
Jackdaw (寒鴉) ; Eurasian Jay (松鴉) ; Common Magpie (喜鵲)
Great Britain (c. 1995)

12th December, 2010. Mount Pleasant, London

A set of 6 aerogrammes issued by Royal Mail during mid-90's year of last century illustrates British domestic birds in variety situations. Each aerogramme illustrated by famous artists with colourful backgrounds. One of artist is Norman Arlott, he illustrates birds since 50's years, some of illustrates published in reference books of bird-watching and special topics. recent years he also writing about bird handbooks and guides. Now he lives in Norfolk and over 100 books with his illustrations. Another one, Noel Cusa, also an artist of fauna. He begun to draw wildlife with watercolour since 60's year, above two of aerogrammes are illustrated by him.