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Due to heavy reconstruction of this webpage, this blog is temporary suspended to renew in this summer, it will be updated again after late-autumn, thank you for your visits in these 9 years.

28 October 2011

Birds of Suriname

Clockwise from top-left :
SRD 0,90 : Dusky Parrot (達士奇鸚鵡)
SRD 2,50 : Yellow-green Grosbeak (黃綠錫嘴鳥)
SRD 0,45 : Opal-rumped Tanager (白腰唐加拉雀)
Suriname (2008)

14th April, 2011. Paramaribo

In 90's years of last century, Suriname issued numbers of bird stamps - mostly seem definitives are features rare birds of this South American nation. Nevertheless, as fiscal deficit and high inflation, the highest denomination of 2001 stamp is Sf.9000, before new currency Surinamese dollar comes out. From 2003, Suriname birds begins new series with new currency, however most of them are in sheetlet format and exception stamps as above in small size single stamps.

Three species of above stamps are quite normal to be found in Suriname, but since 60's years a lot of wildlife Dusky Parrot illegality exported out of Suriname and Guyana for pet market, and they not easy to feed after left the wild environment. Moreover as the inhabitant lost, population of the parrot also decreasing.

23 October 2011

Special overprint

From left to right :
White-tailed Wheatear (白腰即鳥) ; Masked Shrike (雲斑伯勞)
Palestine Sunbird (北非橙簇花蜜鳥)
Jordan (2009)

5th May, 2011. Amman

In 2009, Jordan oddly to issue a set of overprinted stamps for postage of overseas ordinary mails, they all denominations are 80Pt. However the most interesting thing is the stamps originally issued on 1970, features three species rarely to be found in stamps. These three stamps only printed with two to three colours in rotogravure methods.

White-tailed Wheatear is a resident bird widely visible in North Africa, it overalls are black but exception of the head and tail are white. The stamp seems incorrectly drawn the back in mixture of black and white features. Masked Shrike, is a migratory bird bleeds in the area between Jordan and Turkey, and then migrates to seashores of Red Sea and East Africa. Palestine Sunbird also resident bird, the activity area are north bank of Red Sea and southern Sudan and Central Africa.

18 October 2011

Herons of the reef

Eastern Reef Heron (太平洋岩鷺)
Vanuatu (2007)
4th June, 2009. Port Vila

Very oddly, is it really sent on 2009 ? If you remember that I have been posted an envelope from Trinidad & Tobago is the last one cover on 2009, you may think I was writing incorrect information. However if you find the history posts under Vanuatu catalogue, you will be noted that I have two missing covers during stamp exhibition 2009. Here is one of them which receive again on September, 2010. In the time of typing this post (1st October, 2010), it really the last cover of 2009.

I don't have interest to write again Eastern Reef Heron, due to I have introduced the species before. The stamps as above originally in souvenir sheet format but as in my collecting rule, souvenir sheet is not necessary and out of range. Thus I only bough single stamps in the exhibition.

The postmark reads 'postage paid' seem meaningless. The stamps have enough for 1st grade airmail registered mail to Asia, anyway it is good luck to receive them again.

14 October 2011

Endangered birds of Britain

First roll :
White-tailed Eagle (白尾鷲) ; Bearded Reedling (文須雀) ; Red Kite (紅鳶)
Cirl Bunting (黃道眉鵐) ; Western Marsh Harrier (白頭鷂)
Second roll :
Pied Avocet (反嘴鷸) ; Eurasian Bittern (大麻鳽) ; Dartford Warbler (波紋林鶯)
Corn Crake (長腳秧雞) ; Peregrine Falcon (擬游隼)
Great Britain (2007)
4th September, 2007. Trafalgar Square, London

Finally I rescan this large envelope which sent on the first day issue of British Endangered Birds. The set, as the series, features 10 variety species to be found in the islands. Actually they are not very special in the world but after industry revolution, the wild environment of British became poor and as inhabit loss, population of some species largely decrease. However it is not too late to stop this situation when couple of environment rules come out recent years and now some of population is growing up.

Red Kite, one of stamp in this set, was shown in this blog on 2009. Above packet especially thanks to Yoram, he is helpful to send me covers from Britain and other countries.

10 October 2011

Crimson-crowned Fruit-Dove

Crimson-crowned Fruit-Dove (緋紅頂果鳩)
Niue (2011)

6th July, 2011. Alofi

Kulukulu, is a local name of Crimsom-crowned Fruit Dove in Niue. It specially features a reddish crown and endemic to the islands of south-west Pacific. Although with the small inhabit area, it is not endangered species. As well as other fruit doves, the diet of kulukulu is fruits in the forest.

The postmark illustrated Polynesian Triller (斑鳴鵑鵙), is a common bird of Polynesian islands.

7 October 2011

ATM labels of Denmark

From top to bottom (left column) :
Common Shelduck (翹鼻麻鴨) ; Mallard (綠頭鴨) ; Tufted Duck (鳳頭潛鴨)
Denmark (2011)

10th September, 2011. Copenhagen

In recent years, many postal administrations begin to use new generation postage label, for counter use or self-served kiosk, Denmark is one long term user of FARMA label and using new generation labels for a while. In September, to meet the stamp exhibition in Horsens, there to be issued a set of three labels feature 3 waterbirds. Shelduck, mallard and Tufted Duck are very common to be found in this northern country.

Thanks Montse of Spain and his correspondent from Denmark to coordinate this nice first day cover.

2 October 2011

New definitive stamps of Singapore

65c : White-breasted Waterhen (白胸苦惡鳥)
5c : Collared Kingfisher (白領翡翠)
Singapore (2011)

13th April, 2011. Climent West
24th April, 2011. Hongkong

After the excellent definitive stamps issued on 2007, SingPost once again issues new definitive stamps on April 2011 which related to pond life, to respond The Year of Biodiversity of 2010. the stamps. Except the elliptical perforation on both top and bottom sides, iodine ink and micro-printing to be used as new security features. The stamps printed in rotogravure to obtain richly colour.

White-breasted Waterhen and Collared Kingfisher are resident birds of SE Asia. They are commonly to be found in Far East from Taiwan to northernmost of Australia.
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