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25 January 2013

Isle de Pascua

Kelp Gull (黑背鷗)
Chile (2001)
16th November, 2012. Isle de Pascua

Isle de Pascua, as known in English is Easter Island. Is located in the central of south-Pacific. I think most people known or heart the history of Easter Island so I don't present that here. In recent ages, the island over-developed for agriculture, most of nature forest are lost or damaged, inhabited place reduced causes more animals and birds are disappear. Kelp Gull seems is an exception cause it to be found in wide area of sub-Antarctic, southern Africa, South-America and Australia, include those offshore islands.

The special seal on the stamp show a group of moal ahu in Rapa Nui, is an important signature of Chile, also is a World Heritage Site.
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