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16 January 2013

Birds in Caribbean

From left to right :
Row 1 - Roseate Spoonbill (玫瑰琵鷺) ; White-tailed Tropicbird (白尾熱帶鳥) ;
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (紅喉北蜂鳥)
Row 2 - Black Skimmer (黑剪嘴鷗) ; Black-necked Stilt (黑頸長腳鷸) ; 

West Indian Mourning Dove (加勒比哀鴿)
Nevis (2002)

In philatelic circle, numbers of collector dislike to collect stamps issued by some Caribbean countries, due to they issue a lot of stamps or sheets which are not related to these countries. For example St Vincent, Grenada and Antigua. However, as I talked many times before, most countries are issuing huge quantity of stamps in each years, just elder collectors still believe those Caribbean countries harming the stamp market. Here is an example of a sheet issued by Nevis they thought it is commercial stamp.

30th October, 2012. Charletown

Six stamps as above cover and maxicards as below.Those species seem rarely to be found in Nevis, but easy to find in Caribbean countries. But don't forget that Nevis is a small island only 160 species to be recorded.

30th October, 2012. Charletown

30th October, 2012. Charletown