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5 January 2013

Registered mail from Indonesia

From left to right :
Siau Scops Owl (斯歐角鴞) ; Flores Hawk-Eagle (弗氏鷹雕)
Elegant Sunbird (亮麗太陽鳥) ; Invisible Rail (大嘴秧雞)

Indonesia (2012)
10th November, 2012. Bea Kirim Rp., Jakarta

Perhaps during 2009, Indonesia Post begins to computerise their postal system and using 13-digited registration barcode, at the same time the payment method changed to per-paid by cash instead of stamps. It is, therefore stamp is not necessary used on registered mail. However here shown an example which stupid to affix stamp when I requested. Thanks Martin to do it for me as it is very attractive.

The stamps on envelope issued on 2012 features 4 endemic threatened species to Indonesia, Siau Scops Owl is endemic to Siau Island but lost their tracks since 1992. Flores Hawk-Eagle is distributed in forests of Flores, Lombok and Sumbawa in the Lesser Sundas, occurs from lowlands to as high as 1,600 metres. Elegant Sunbird is distributed to the island of Sangihe, north of Sulawesi, locally common in the forests and plantations near Mount Sahendaruman in southern Sangihe. Invisible Rail is native to the remotest and densest parts of the sago swamp forests and wetlands of Halmahera, favoring the edge habitats where swamp meets forests and clearings. Due to ongoing habitat loss, small population size and limited range, four species are listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered in IUCN list.

However I hope the country issues more parrot or birds of paradise since they are having large colonies in this thousand-island country. Below shown the receipt of registered mail attached at the front of envelope.