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3 July 2009

Birds of the Bahamas

50c : Bahama Mockingbird (巴哈馬小嘲鶇) ; 65c : Great Lizard-Cuckoo (大蜥鵑)
60c : Greater Antillean Oriole (黑頂擬鸝) ; 40c : Bahama Swallow (巴哈馬樹燕)
20c : Wilson's Plover (厚嘴鴴) ; 25c : Killdeer (雙領鴴)
15c : Antillean Nighthawk (安的列斯夜鷹)
30c : Bahama Woodstar (巴哈馬林星蜂鳥)
The Bahamas (2001)

28th May, 2009. Nassau

The Bahamas is an offshore islands country from Florida with more than 300 islands. But as it nearest Caribbean, there can be found many birds come from North America or Caribbean area. The last definitive stamps of Bahamas issued on 2001 featured 16 birds and their eggs which easy to be observed in this country or around islands - Turks and Caicos Islands, Bermuda and Cuba. Above cover collected eight of them, it looks beautiful however I felt surprise when I receive this cover because the postmarks look oddly.
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