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9 July 2009

Congo Grey Parrot, part II

Congo Grey Parrot (剛果灰鸚鵡)
São Tomé e Príncipe (2009)

25th June, 2009. São Tomé

One of latest WWF issue of 2009, illustrates Congo Grey Parrot of São Tomé e Príncipe, an islands and poorest country of Africa. The country located outside Gulf of Guinea and nearest Equator.

Congo Grey Parrot is one of sub-species of African Grey Parrot (非洲灰鸚鵡), this species has been shown here before, the Taiwan and Angola stamps separately. Congo Grey Parrot only can be found in Ilha do Príncipe of this country, and nearest island Bioko of Equatorial Guinea. Congo Grey Parrot owns grey-whited feather, reddish tail with dark-grey bill. Another sub-species of African Grey Parrot is Timneh Grey Parrot (提姆那灰鸚鵡), it is smaller size than Congo Grey Parrot and rarely can be found in natural environment. Population from Guinea-Bissau to Cote d'Ivorie, the different is it owns dark-reddish brown tail and the bill with yellow colour.

Congo Grey Parrot is popular pet over the world, most of parrots are bleeding humanised. Wild lived Congo Grey Parrots are being endangered, unfortunately they are facing illegal catching and trading.
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