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21 July 2009


MaxicardKagu (鷺鶴)
New Caledonia (2007)

3rd April, 2007. Nouméa (First day special postmark)

In December of 2008, here has been shown you a set of bird stamps of New Caledonia, two covers feature two different stamps separately. Now here is the last one Kagu, the national bird of New Caledonia. Kagu is endemic to New Caledonia, is the only one species under Rhynochetos (鷺鶴屬). It can't fly and only nests on the floor with branch, mostly can be found in forest of the islands. Kagu looks grey and white with reddish legs, eyes and bill.

As the non-resident mammal bought to New Caledonia by human endangering Kagu, also the change of habitat and illegal hunting, it is facing extinction. Now it is protected by governor of the islands.

Below cover features other two stamps again. Now the series is completely collected.

L : Crow Honeyeater (紅臉裸吸蜜鳥) ; R : Caledonian Greybird (山鵑鵙)
New Caledonia (2007)

29th June, 2009. Nouméa
8th July, 2009. Hongkong
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