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25 April 2010

Herring Gull or Yellow-legged Gull

50th anniversary of Lions Israel (以色列獅子會五十週年紀念)
Israel (2010)

27th January, 2010. Jerusalem

In last post of Israel covers, I have been said that there has another cover about 50th anniversary of Lions Israel. It is a blue coloured stamp with a small bird which near unidentified. Of course, thanks Eli again of the cover, this time the postmark is matched with the stamp. I don't have comment on Lions due to it is out of topic, but Yellow-legged Gull (黄腿鷗) is a common large seabird mostly to be found in coast of European countries and seashores of Asia or North America. The bird originally was a sub-species of Herring Gull (銀鷗), L. a. michahellis, the one resident bird of southern Europe area Mediterranean Sea.

Below Swedish maxicard more clearly to show what does the bird look like, L. a. argentatus is another sub-species of Herring Gull in bulky size and with extensive white in the wing-tips while compare with L. a. michahellis, the another formally sub-species of Herring Gull. This maxicard bears intaglio multi-coloured stamp and attractive purpled Sturkö date-postmark, Sturkö is an island in the southernmost of Sweden, there have many islands nearby and is one of famous birdwatching place of this country.

MaxicardHerring Gull (銀鷗)
Sweden (2001)

9th February, 2010. Sturkö
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