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19 February 2012


From left to right :
20Kr. : Eurasian Golden-Plover (歐金斑鴴) ; 12Kr. : Islandic Oystercatcher (冰島蠣鷸)
7,50Kr. : Faeroe Common Snipe (法羅田鷸) ; 5Kr. : Whimbrel (中杓鷸)
Faroe Islands (2002)

25th August, 2011. Mi∂vàgur

It was rare to see stamps show bird eggs in all bird issues, the last time presented here was the definitive issue of the Bahamas, the cover features egg of 8 different species. Here, is another example from the Faroes, shown 4 different eggs and their chicks. All of 4 are common and have been appeared on the Faroese stamps before.
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