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Due to heavy reconstruction of this webpage, this blog is temporary suspended to renew in this summer, it will be updated again after late-autumn, thank you for your visits in these 9 years.

28 December 2010

Migatory birds of Central America

From left to right :
Northern Flicker (北撲翅鴷) ; Cedar Waxwing (雪松太平鳥)

Northern Shoveler (琵嘴鴨)

From left to right :
Painted Bunting (麗色彩鵐) ; American Peregrine Falcon (美國游隼)

El Salvador (2007)
18th October, 2010. Ventanilla (Sonsonate), San Salvador

El Salvador is a small country in the middle of Central America, also 70% areas of this nation are high mountains and hill lands. As these reasons, El Salvador is the important station for migratory birds from northernmost Canada to southern places for winter. Above envelope, which sent by William on last October, features a set and souvenir sheet of Migratory Birds series of El Salvador, thanks to his excellent cover.

These five species are specially selected, they commonly live in North America, widely to be found in Canada or United States, during October and November, they begin their long haul journey to Central America for winter, one of country is El Salvador.

24 December 2010

Christmas robin

European Robin (知更鳥)
Ireland (2010)

4th November, 2007. Dublin (First day special postmark)

Wish you merry Christmas ! This time only show a maxicard features Irish Robin, it is the second time arrange same theme maxicard while last one was Luxembourg on 2007. The card still using my own illustrated robin postcard used on Post & Go issue on September.

22 December 2010

Art of Turkey again

250.000 Lira : Rüppell's Warbler (魯普氏林鶯)
1.000.000 Lira : Chaffinch (蒼頭燕雀)
600.000 Lira : Melodious Warbler (優音籬鶯)
Turkey (2004)
19th August, 2010. Pasaport, Ízmir

Thanks A. Demír again he frequency to send me fine art covers with personalised 'stamp' - please note it is for decoration only. This time, he affixed two woodpecker personalised 'stamps', which looks like European Green Woodpecker (綠啄木鳥). Below them, there are 4 real Turkish stamps which are presented before. However, the stamps seem oddly as they has postmarked before, are they recycle stamps ?

17 December 2010

Domestic birds of the Philippines

See below picture for description
From top left to bottom right :
Blue-naped Parrot (藍頸鸚鵡) ; Luzon Bleeding-heart (呂宋雞鳩)
Palawan Peacock-Pheasant (巴拉望孔雀雉) ; Whiskered Pitta (呂宋八色鶇)
The Philippines (1994)

13th August, 2010. Manila

Thanks to Myron of this mail, actually the stamps seem fine for me but not attractive, perhaps most of the Philippines stamps are look like fade out some colour. Anyway, I should make an introduce of the stamps, as these four species are endemic to this island country.

Blue-naped Parrot, as known as Luzon Parrot is endemic to Luzon and Mindoro of the country. It has three sub-species which to be found in Polillo of the Philippines, Maluku and Borneo of Indonesia. Luzon Bleeding-heart also is endemic to Luzon, the north part of the country, it specially has a red-dot on the front, near breast. Mostly the dove appears on the forest of the islands. Palawan Peacock-Pheasant is a beautiful bird with metallic-blue and black feathers, it is endemic to the Philippines of humid forests Palawan Islands. Whiskered Pitta also endemic to the Philippines, however it is no record which area to be found them mostly.

Due to the damaged or lost of habitat, above 4 species are listed as endangered or vulnerable species in IUCN Red List.

13 December 2010

Peniche, Portugal

Razorbill (刀嘴海雀)
Portugal (2008)
30th June, 2010. Peniche

Nothing special, these maxicard and cover just the last items to complete the series International Polar Year, which issued on 2008. This time, I selected Peniche where is an important fishing town in the western coast of Portugal. The town with near 15,000 inhabitants also is a bird-watching paradise as there have cliffs and reserved islands Berlengas are breeding places of seabirds.

Unfortunately, postmark on the maxicard shown above is not clear enough, but it still readable. Please note that the bee-eater stamp is not valid for postage after April 30, but the post office still cancelled the stamp regularly.

From left to right :
0.30 €: Sanderling (三趾濱鷸) ; 1,00 € : Arctic Tern (南極燕鷗)
0,52 €: Razorbill (刀嘴海雀) ; 0,02 € : European Bee-eater (黃喉蜂虎)

Portugal (2008, 2002)
30th June, 2010. Peniche

8 December 2010

Domestic birds in Middle-east

From left to bottom :
Eastern Orphean Warbler (東歌林鶯) ; Woodchat Shrike (林即鳥伯勞)
Isabelline Shrike (荒漠伯勞) ; Lesser Grey Shrike (黑額伯勞)
Chiffchaff (嘰咋柳鶯) ; Yellow Wagtail (黃鶺鴒)
State of Qatar (2010)
8th September, 2010. Doha

In this blog, rarely to show cover sent from Middle-East, here is the latest example features a set of bird stamps issued by Qatar. They are beautiful warblers and shrikes, thanks Dale sent me this nice cover with the cover of booklet. Honestly, I like the single stamps more than the stamps come from booklet, as they shown completed birds instead of only heads.

Six stamps only Eastern Orphean Warbler is new species to appear on stamp, it is sub-species of Orphean Warbler (歌林鶯) to be found and endemic to Central Asia. The bill is longer than another sub-species Western Orphean Warbler (西歌林鶯) and endemic to sub-Sahara area.

4 December 2010

Great Tits again

Great Tit (大山雀)
Monaco (2002)
2nd September, 2010. Monte-Carlo

Thanks to David of this attractive cover from Monaco, although I have collect many covers feature Great Tit stamp, it is the one most beautiful beside of the Serbian first day cover. Identically the one sent from Swiss also arranged by David.

Seems I do not need make description again, Great Tit is a common bird to be found in Europe. Mostly it appears on the backyard of resident.
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