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Due to heavy reconstruction of this webpage, this blog is temporary suspended to renew in this summer, it will be updated again after late-autumn, thank you for your visits in these 9 years.

28 December 2010

Migatory birds of Central America

From left to right :
Northern Flicker (北撲翅鴷) ; Cedar Waxwing (雪松太平鳥)

Northern Shoveler (琵嘴鴨)

From left to right :
Painted Bunting (麗色彩鵐) ; American Peregrine Falcon (美國游隼)

El Salvador (2007)
18th October, 2010. Ventanilla (Sonsonate), San Salvador

El Salvador is a small country in the middle of Central America, also 70% areas of this nation are high mountains and hill lands. As these reasons, El Salvador is the important station for migratory birds from northernmost Canada to southern places for winter. Above envelope, which sent by William on last October, features a set and souvenir sheet of Migratory Birds series of El Salvador, thanks to his excellent cover.

These five species are specially selected, they commonly live in North America, widely to be found in Canada or United States, during October and November, they begin their long haul journey to Central America for winter, one of country is El Salvador.

24 December 2010

Christmas robin

European Robin (知更鳥)
Ireland (2010)

4th November, 2007. Dublin (First day special postmark)

Wish you merry Christmas ! This time only show a maxicard features Irish Robin, it is the second time arrange same theme maxicard while last one was Luxembourg on 2007. The card still using my own illustrated robin postcard used on Post & Go issue on September.

22 December 2010

Art of Turkey again

250.000 Lira : Rüppell's Warbler (魯普氏林鶯)
1.000.000 Lira : Chaffinch (蒼頭燕雀)
600.000 Lira : Melodious Warbler (優音籬鶯)
Turkey (2004)
19th August, 2010. Pasaport, Ízmir

Thanks A. Demír again he frequency to send me fine art covers with personalised 'stamp' - please note it is for decoration only. This time, he affixed two woodpecker personalised 'stamps', which looks like European Green Woodpecker (綠啄木鳥). Below them, there are 4 real Turkish stamps which are presented before. However, the stamps seem oddly as they has postmarked before, are they recycle stamps ?

17 December 2010

Domestic birds of the Philippines

See below picture for description
From top left to bottom right :
Blue-naped Parrot (藍頸鸚鵡) ; Luzon Bleeding-heart (呂宋雞鳩)
Palawan Peacock-Pheasant (巴拉望孔雀雉) ; Whiskered Pitta (呂宋八色鶇)
The Philippines (1994)

13th August, 2010. Manila

Thanks to Myron of this mail, actually the stamps seem fine for me but not attractive, perhaps most of the Philippines stamps are look like fade out some colour. Anyway, I should make an introduce of the stamps, as these four species are endemic to this island country.

Blue-naped Parrot, as known as Luzon Parrot is endemic to Luzon and Mindoro of the country. It has three sub-species which to be found in Polillo of the Philippines, Maluku and Borneo of Indonesia. Luzon Bleeding-heart also is endemic to Luzon, the north part of the country, it specially has a red-dot on the front, near breast. Mostly the dove appears on the forest of the islands. Palawan Peacock-Pheasant is a beautiful bird with metallic-blue and black feathers, it is endemic to the Philippines of humid forests Palawan Islands. Whiskered Pitta also endemic to the Philippines, however it is no record which area to be found them mostly.

Due to the damaged or lost of habitat, above 4 species are listed as endangered or vulnerable species in IUCN Red List.

13 December 2010

Peniche, Portugal

Razorbill (刀嘴海雀)
Portugal (2008)
30th June, 2010. Peniche

Nothing special, these maxicard and cover just the last items to complete the series International Polar Year, which issued on 2008. This time, I selected Peniche where is an important fishing town in the western coast of Portugal. The town with near 15,000 inhabitants also is a bird-watching paradise as there have cliffs and reserved islands Berlengas are breeding places of seabirds.

Unfortunately, postmark on the maxicard shown above is not clear enough, but it still readable. Please note that the bee-eater stamp is not valid for postage after April 30, but the post office still cancelled the stamp regularly.

From left to right :
0.30 €: Sanderling (三趾濱鷸) ; 1,00 € : Arctic Tern (南極燕鷗)
0,52 €: Razorbill (刀嘴海雀) ; 0,02 € : European Bee-eater (黃喉蜂虎)

Portugal (2008, 2002)
30th June, 2010. Peniche

8 December 2010

Domestic birds in Middle-east

From left to bottom :
Eastern Orphean Warbler (東歌林鶯) ; Woodchat Shrike (林即鳥伯勞)
Isabelline Shrike (荒漠伯勞) ; Lesser Grey Shrike (黑額伯勞)
Chiffchaff (嘰咋柳鶯) ; Yellow Wagtail (黃鶺鴒)
State of Qatar (2010)
8th September, 2010. Doha

In this blog, rarely to show cover sent from Middle-East, here is the latest example features a set of bird stamps issued by Qatar. They are beautiful warblers and shrikes, thanks Dale sent me this nice cover with the cover of booklet. Honestly, I like the single stamps more than the stamps come from booklet, as they shown completed birds instead of only heads.

Six stamps only Eastern Orphean Warbler is new species to appear on stamp, it is sub-species of Orphean Warbler (歌林鶯) to be found and endemic to Central Asia. The bill is longer than another sub-species Western Orphean Warbler (西歌林鶯) and endemic to sub-Sahara area.

4 December 2010

Great Tits again

Great Tit (大山雀)
Monaco (2002)
2nd September, 2010. Monte-Carlo

Thanks to David of this attractive cover from Monaco, although I have collect many covers feature Great Tit stamp, it is the one most beautiful beside of the Serbian first day cover. Identically the one sent from Swiss also arranged by David.

Seems I do not need make description again, Great Tit is a common bird to be found in Europe. Mostly it appears on the backyard of resident.

30 November 2010

International Year of Biodiversity (7) - Malta

€1,40 : Maltese Freshwater Crab (馬耳他淡水蟹)
€0,68 : European Storm Petrel (暴風海燕)
Malta (2010)

15th November, 2010. Marsa (Philatelic Bureau)

This is the seventh cover related to the theme International Year of Biodiversity, again it is European country which located in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. Four stamps illustrated variety species to be found in biodiversity environment, here selected three and affixed on two individual covers, the first one as above. Maltese Freshwater Crab is endemic freshwater crab to Maltese islands, it looks reddish grown with 10 legs, originally it was live over the island areas but population decreasing in recent years, and now rare to find in this nation. Storm Petrel, is a small migratory sea-bird commonly to be found in north Atlantic and western Mediterranean. In each summer, it flies from northernmost of Atlantic island - Nólsoy, the breeding colony in the Faroes to south for Malta, the large colony of Storm Petrel.

Another cover features Maltese Wall Lizard (馬爾他牆壁蜥蜴) is showing on the page International Year of Biodiversity at meanwhile.

25 November 2010

New World Warblers and Sparrow

From left to right :
Black-throated Green Warbler (黑喉綠林鶯)
Black-and-white Warbler (黑白苔鶯) ; Red Fox Sparrow (紅狐狸麻雀)

St Pierre & Miquelon (2008, 2010, 2009)
17th August, 2010. Saint-Pierre

Here is a special St Pierre & Miquelon's cover sent by Tristan, thanks to him again after his last cover from Saba, the Netherlands Antilles. SPM (short form of the territory) is located in north-east of America, off-shore of Newfoundland of Canada to be found about 300 bird species. Two years ago a registered cover features Rough-legged Hawk (粗腿鷹) shown here was the first cover in my collection. Above cover, featuring 3 recent issues is the second one.

Black-throated Green Warbler and Black-and-white Warbler are belong to Parulidae (林鶯科), they are small songbird and only live in east part of North America. Black-throated Green Warbler breeds in south Canada, also SPM, and they follow the coastline migrate to Gulf of Mexico in winter. Black-and-white Warbler, as well as zebra, with overall black-and-white vein pattens. It habits in most part of Canada, SPM and most eastern area of United States, also migrates to Latin America in winter.

Red Fox Sparrow, under Emberizidae (鵐科) family, also a common sparrow in America. It is a sub-species of Fox Sparrow (狐色麻雀) which has brightest body colour and habits in central and east coasts, include Newfoundland and SPM. In winter and non-breeding season, it migrates to further south on October and returns back on May next year.

20 November 2010

Canadian Geographic's Wildlife Photography of the Year

From left to right :
Great Blue Heron (大藍鷺) ; Rufous Hummingbird (褐背蜂鳥)
Tree Swallow (樹燕)

Canada (2010)
1st September, 2010. Vancouver

In each year. Canadian Geographic, a national wildlife magazine holds a competition for their resident entry wildlife photographing. On 2009, there are 52 photos related to different categories win the competition. Five of winning photographs issued as a souvenir sheet in mid-2010 by Canada Post. Above letter, thanks to Ong sent me three stamps photographed birds species.

Great Blue Heron was taken by Martin Cooper in autumn, he caught the heron standing on the rock of Gray and Byrne creeks, Burnaby. Grey Blue Heron is a common migratory bird in North America, it will fly to Gulf of Mexico or coast of East Pacific for winter. However, the birds live in south United States are resident.

Rufous Hummingbird was taken by Wing Yan Tam who only 15, she said she waiting the bird for hours in Richmond Nature Park, Vancouver. Rufous Hummingbird habits in the forest edges of western North America, from south Alaska to California. The bird will migrate to south during July and August and arrive Guerrero of Mexico.

Tree Swallow was taken by Mark Bradley in unusual nesting place of Jasper, Alta. He made a description to the photograph says people endure strange looks who couldn't understand why he was pointing such a large lens at an ordinary pipe. Tree Swallow also a migratory of North America, it moves to south for winters in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

For more entries and original photograph of the winner, please visit the official website

15 November 2010

100th anniversary of Kiev Zoo

Cuban Amazon (古巴亞馬遜鸚鵡)
Ukraine (2009)
20th February, 2009. Kiev
20th August, 2010. Dnipropetrovsk

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of foundation of Kiev Zoo, the Ukraine Post issued a souvenir sheet for this event. As well as other issues of different countries, species in the stamps mostly are not local species, above Cuban Amazon is one of example. Thanks to Volodymyr for this nice first day cover.

Cuban Amazon is almost greenish bodied with blue wings parrot which endemic to islands of Cuba, Bahamas and Cayman. There has four sub-species to indicate the bird appears on which area, while they features different colour of head. For human-feed parrot, almost just called Cuban Amazon. Wild parrot only to be found inside Cuba and Isla de la Juventud with population 10.000 and 1.320 birds respectively. For other sub-species, there has 3.420 birds of Grand Cayman Amazon (開曼島亞馬遜鸚鵡) A. l. caymanensis which endemic to Cayman Islands ; Bahama Amazon (巴哈馬群島亞馬遜鸚鵡) A. l. bahamensis has 3.550 birds while Cayman Brac Amazon (開曼巴克島亞馬遜鸚鵡) A. l. hesterna has 500 birds only, these two sub-species only live in dry forest and fields of these two islands.

I also collected a cover of Grand Cayman Amazon, which is a part of WWF stamp series. It will be shown here on next March.

12 November 2010

From Los Glaciares to Tierra del Fuego

From left to right :
Magellanic Woodpecker (卡通鳥)
Falkland Islands Steamerduck (福克蘭海鴨) ; Brown Skua (褐賊鷗)
Argentina (1989, 1994, 2001)
20th August, 2010. San Luis Suc, San Luis

Thanks to Óscar of this mail, the cover affixed 3 stamps issued between late-80's to early 21 century. Luckily they are ordered by issue year and geography. Magellanic Woodpecker a large woodpecker to be found in Los Glaciares National Park, which located in Patagonia Province. It was declared as UNESCO heritage site on 1981. Except south Argentina, it also to be found in south-half of Chile. Falkland Islands Steamerduck, is endemic to Falkland Island, where specially named in Argentina as Islas Malvinas. The islands, include its territory South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, be claimed by Argentina. The islands now under Tierra del Fuego Province. The Tierra del Fuego also includes part of Antarctica, although the area also claimed by Chile and Great Britain. The last stamp commemorated 50th anniversary of San Martin base. It featuring a Brown Skua is one of common bird in Antarctica.

7 November 2010

Animals in threatened habitats

From left to right :
2:20 kr : White-tailed Eagle (白尾鷲) ; 2:30 kr : Ural Owl (長尾林鴞)
2:40 kr : Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (小斑啄木鳥)
Sweden (1988, 1989)
7th September, 2010. Uppsala

According to couple of posts are jammed, the shortest time to finish all the jammed posting possibly on next March. Thus I decided post all mails before this Christmas which sent by friends on August and September. The first one is from Sweden, thanks Ronald for the cover, the stamps on above cover issued over 20 years but they not look old enough. These three species are quite common in Europe however as the title says Animals in threatened habitats, it means they are facing damage of their habitats, at least at this moment. In mid-20th century, most of woodlands be destroyed for their paper-making, furniture-making and other industrials related to wood.

5 November 2010

Garden birds in northern nation

Blue Tit (藍山雀)
Finland (2001)
6th August, 2010. Kuopio

Not much special but these two card and cover are nice collection for my roller postmark series. Since new century the post office of Finland issues natural or culture self-adhesive definitive series on each year. Before, in here shown the series of 2000 and 2003. Now is the series of 2001 featuring Blue Tit, Golden Oriole and White Wagtail. Which are very common in Europe and Asia.

Above maximum card seems harmony as the background of the card and stamp also a branch of Pine (松樹). Pine is common tree to be found in woodlands area of northern countries. Most people pick the fruit of pine for decoration of present or tree during Christmas.

L : White Wagtail (白鶺鴒) ; R : Golden Oriole (金黃鸝)
Finland (2001)
6th August, 2010. Kuopio

1 November 2010

First aerogramme of Slovenia

Lesser Kestrel (黃爪隼)
Slovenia (1996)
11th October, 2010. Službeno, Maribor

In recent days, there have oddly aerogramme hit in philatelist, the old fashion letter sheet began to use before 1840, the issue year of Penny Black. It mostly used to save postage and popular during World War II. Nowadays as the cheap communication teleology, most countries discontinuous to issue new version aerogramme. Above aerogramme is the first aerogramme issued by Slovenia, after it was independent from former Yugoslavia, possibly to commemorate the air show held at Cierklje, during June 29 to 30 of 1996. The imprinted non-value indicated stamp shown Santos-Dumont Demoiselle (1909) ; Howard DGA-6 (1934) ; Concorde (1969) and Posta (1996).

Although the aerogramme issued on 1996, it still valid for postage according to it does not indicate value. The aerogramme on the left side imprinted Lesser Kestrel, which originally appears on the bird issue of 1995. Until now, only three aerogrammes issued by Slovenia and two of them are related to bird and aviation themes. Lesser Kestrel be listed as vulnerable class in IUCN list, it is a migrated species when commonly to found them on the range of Southern Europe to Middle East, and partly north-east China ; while they migrate to sub-Sahara area during winter, and some of kestrels are resident of north Morocco or Algeria. The population in recent 10 years decreased by 30% according to inhabit destruction.

28 October 2010

Bamboo Grove in Early Summer

Bamboo Grove in Early Summer (竹林初夏)
Taiwan (2010)
9th August, 2010. Yuanshan P.O., Taipei (Jhongshan District)

Bamboo Grove in Early Summer, is a modern Taiwanese painting during early 20th century which was drawn by Tsai Yun-yan (1908-1977), and now is one of collections of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.The painting illustrates multiple layers of bamboo grove and the lives in there during early summer period. A jay, be illustrated similar to Eurasian Jay (松鴉), even it is not exactly look like.

24 October 2010

Birds of prey and SOAR of Ireland

From left to right :
Birds of prey
55c : Common Buzzard (鵟) ; 95c : Merlin (灰背隼)
82c : Peregrine Falcon (擬游隼) ; 55c : Golden Eagle (金雕)
Ireland (2010)
5c : Green Tiger Beetle (虎甲蟲) ; 55c : Golden Eagle (金雕)
Ireland (2010)
29th September, 2010. Blackrock, Dublin

After the Ducks issue of 2004, An Post issued another new stamp set related to bird after 6 years, four stamps are Birds of prey but so pity that they seemed nothing surprise to bird lovers as the illustrations as well as bird guide. After few weeks of this issue, the post office presented new series of SOAR (Stamps On A Roll), which are 8 postage labels feature Irish animals and marine life, is a first part of new Biodiversity definitive series. One of label is a photograph of Golden Eagle as shown above.

The labels, are available same time to counter used system and self-kiosks all over the country, are manufactured by Wincor Nixdorf form mid-2008 as well as the ones using in UK (shown in last post) and Hongkong (see related post in Soapbox). Above two labels, one with photograph Green Tiger Beetle was printed in pilot centre Blackrock post office and bottom one shown Golden Eagle is pre-printed denomination sold by philatelic bureau. As the mail sent by registered mail, the 5c label specially indicated 'RegisteredPost' at the bottom. Together with this cover, shown as left side are the certificate and receipt of the mail, the receipt printed the purchase and mailing details while the certificate proofs this mail.

Meanwhile, I would kindly say thanks to Kevin of Clare, Ireland. Who sent me missing Buzzard mint stamp, and of course below cover.

Common Buzzard (鵟)
Ireland (2010)
6th September, 2010. Cork

18 October 2010

Post & Go labels (I)

From left to right :
House Sparrow (家麻雀) ; Wood Pigeon (斑尾林鴿) ; Blue Tit (藍山雀)
Starling (椋鳥) ; European Robin (知更鳥) ; Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)
Great Britain (2010)
17th September, 2010. Trafalgar Square, London

In 2007, Royal Mail and Post Office tried introduce self-service posting machines in selected branches, it will be more convenient to customer to post stuff. Following the machine, there has one specially designed label using on this system, and it was firstly appeared at Bristol. The label in golden coloured with queen head, similar with Machin definitive.

After 2 years, Post Office considered change the design of labels, the idea came from the election results of Big Garden Birdwatch by RSPB. 6 of 20 be selected in first series and more will be on further issues. Six birds are commonly and popular in nationwide are House Sparrow, Wood Pigeon, Goldfinch, Blue Tit, Starling and Robin, however only 5 labels in each strip, the sixth label will be provided on next strip.

Here are three different items which arranged on day of issue, thanks Yoram of London and Montse of Spain who done great help to me. The first one features whole set of labels, five are printed in worldwide up to 20g rate and one printed in national 100g rate total value £5,71 with made-up Machin stamps. It is correct registered postage under 40g to Hongkong. The labels were printed at Trafalgar Square. Second one just features one label which printed at City of London, ordinary machine postmark be acquired.

Starling (椋鳥)
Great Britain (2010)
17th September, 2010. Mount Pleasant, London

Also, a set of self-illustrated maxicards also arrange, it was the first set self-illustrations be produced as mass production. All illustrations similar as the backgrounds of this blog and 4 selected to show as below. The second series of Bird Post & Go labels is planned to be issued on January 2011.


From left to right :
Wood Pigeon (斑尾林鴿) ; Starling (椋鳥)
European Robin (知更鳥) ; Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)

Great Britain (2010)
17th September, 2010. Bristol

15 October 2010

Raptors of Algeria

L : Golden Eagle (金雕) ; R : Peregrine Falcon (擬游隼)
Algeria (2010)
13th March, 2010. Setif

Unfortunately, until now. I don't receive a formal copy of the raptors FDC from the Algerian friend, so I only show the covers even they not look like attractive, I think it is time to give up wait for this item. Although Golden Eagle is commonly in worldwide, it only lives in Northern Africa from Tunisia to Morocco and part of Sahara area of Morocco. Peregrine Falcon, it also a common raptor in worldwide. Only F. p. pelegrinoides to be found in northern Algeria.

Also, I have been received two FDCs of this issue which sent by Ouari and Zinc, but what a shame that one of them damaged during mail processing. Only one stamp left on the cover.

Lanner Falcon (地中海隼)
Algeria (2010)
27th January, 2010. Setif
3rd March, 2010. Setif

20,00 Dinar : Peregrine Falcon (擬游隼) ; 15,00 Dinar : Golden Eagle (金雕)
20,00 Dinar : Lanner Falcon (地中海隼)
Algeria (2010)
27th January, 2010. Jijel
16th October, 2010. Jijel

10 October 2010

Common birds of India

L : House Sparrow (家麻雀) ; R : Rock Pigeon (原鴿)
India (2010)
27th July, 2010. Kundapura Market, Udupi
6th August, 2010. Hongkong

Few days ago, in August 10, I receive a nice and interesting first day cover which was damaged ! It is the third damaged cover I receive in one week. Actually I dislike my post administration who always damages customers cover without reasonable apologies. Luckily the cover only injured bottom left area so the stamps still in fine situation. The species of stamps, not much special as the subject says Common birds, but the decoration seems beautiful in Indian old fashion style.

8 October 2010

Chiffchaff and Great Spotted Woodpecker

Chiffchaff (嘰咋柳鶯)
Jersey (2010)
19th July, 2010. St Saviour, Jersey

Since 2007, Jersey Post issues a series of Birdlife stamp on each year with featuring 6 species of each set. The natural series Ducks and Swans was shown last week was successful illustrated by Nick Parlett and he drawn this series never finish. This time, two ordinary covers feature newest Woodland Birds series issued on April 1st of this year to be shown in here, the thanks for the arrangements by James. Same as before, I don't not have hope on the postmark as Jersey Post and its philatelic department is one of the most uncoordinated and unfriendly postal administration in the world.

Chiffchaff is a common migrated bird in European and Asian countries, mostly to be found in woodlands, when during migratory season they will move to southern Europe, Asia and northern Africa.

Great Spotted Woodpecker is a common woodpecker to be found in the woodlands of Europe, northern Asia and the most part of China. The woodpecker measures in middle size about 25cm long with a pair of 38-40cm width wings. The diet of bird is seeds of the plants.

This fourth series of Birdlife stamp set also features Jay (松鴉), Short-toed Treecreeper (短趾旋木雀), Long-tailed Tit (銀喉長尾山雀) and Turtle Dove (歐斑鳩).

Great Spotted Woodpecker (大斑啄木鳥)
Jersey (2010)
22nd September, 2010. St Saviour, Jersey

6 October 2010


See below picture for description

From left to bottom :
Eurasian Oystercatcher (蠣鴴) ; Eurasian Spoonbill (白琵鷺)
Common Eider (歐絨鴨) ; Common Seal (港海豹)
the Netherlands (2003)
1st July, 2010. Amsterdam
29th July, 2010. Zwolle

Waddenzee, in English is The Wadden Sea. Is a shallow inlet of south-east part of North Sea, it lies from the coast of the northern Netherlands, Germany and ends in the south-west of Denmark. Together with Frisian Islands, where are the group of islands in the bank of Waddenzee, it is the most important wetland and natural reserve of North Sea.

Above souvenir sheet with another sheet not shown in here issued by the Netherlands on 2003 illustrated 8 different species to be found in Frisian Islands, 6 are birds and other three are mammals and crab. They are commonly to be found in this reserve area.

Waddenzee listed as UNESCO world natural heritage site on 2009, while it was designated as a Ramsar wetland on 1987. Below is another cover bought in ebay few years ago which is an illustrated envelope sent to Jordan. The illustration shown the map of Frisian Islands and Waddenzee.

L : Eurasian Spoonbill (白琵鷺) ; R : Eurasian Oystercatcher (蠣鴴)
26th August, 2004. Sportlaan, Wolvega
30th August, 2004. Al-Jufa

1 October 2010

Ducks of Jersey

Wigeon (赤頸鴨)
Jersey (2004)
16th June, 2010. Gorey

After the last stupid experience, this time I decided to send my request to sub-post office of Jersey, instead of philatelic bureau. Although the postmarks on both card and cover are not good enough, I still happy to see that they are really cancelled by postal used cancellation (not philatelic one). Gorey is in the easternmost of Jersey, where is a village with thousands of resident.

This time, I selected three Birds I stamps issued on 2004, for maxicard and postage. Wigeon, Pochard and Green-winged Teal are very common to be found in most European area.

L : Pochard (紅頭潛鴨) ; R : Eurasian Teal (綠翅鴨)
Jersey (2004)
16th June, 2010. Gorey

25 September 2010

Cobb's Wren

Cobb's Wern (科氏鷦鷯)
Falkland Islands (2009)
20th August, 2010. Stanley
31st August, 2010. Hongkong

Cobb's Wern, as known as Rock Wern in locals is a small brownish bird endemic to Falkland Islands, formally it was sub-species of House Wren (鶯鷦鷯), but it separated later as independence species. It mostly nesting Tussac Grass near the coast with hollow ball shape, which only to be found in South America and Falkland. The bird may breeds three to four eggs during October to December in each year. According to the small restricted area, under 2,000 pair recorded in recent years and being to be a endangered species.

20 September 2010

Waterbirds, joint issue of Hongkong and Sweden

$2,40 : Horned Grebe (角鸊鷈) ; $1,40 : Pied Avocet (反嘴鷸)
Hongkong (2003)
12th May, 2010. Kwai Fong

In 2003, Hongkong and Sweden issued a set of common design stamps featuring four waterbirds, which are to be found in both country and this small city. However, unfortunately do not know who made a mistake, Black-throated Loon is not possible to be found in Hongkong ! Anyway the stamps are attractive as it engraved by Czeslaw SLANIA, who is the famous Swedish stamp engraver but death in few years ago.

The stamp Pied Avocet has been shown in maxicard before, Horned Grebe and Great Crest Grebe are species in same family Grebes (鷿鷈科), which contain 22 species in 6 extant genera. These two grebes are migratory birds, they are breeding in northern Eurasia and migrate to south for winter, Hongkong is one of places for them during this season. The two covers shown here were sent on the same day, it was a first day of introducing of roller postmark in 28 post offices. Kwai Fong and Tsuen Wan are two of them and others to be shown in soapbox since June.

$3,00 : Black-throated Loon (黑喉潛鳥) ; $5,00 : Great Crested Grebe (鳳頭鸊鷉)
Hongkong (2003)
12th May, 2010. Tsuen Wan

17 September 2010

Costal birds of Vietnam

From left to right :
2000d : Nordmann's Greenshank (諾氏青足鷸)
6500d : Spoon-billed Sandpiper (琵嘴鷸)
8500d : Saunders's Gull (黑嘴鷗) ; 10000d : Indian Skimmer (剪咀鷗)

Vietnam (2010)
13th July, 2010. Cai Rang, Can Tho

In my opinion, Vietnam issued a lot of bird stamps but except few sets, most of them are not attractive. It was very disappointed the stamps not beautiful enough or the species on the stamps not to be found in Vietnam. In the 25th May of 2010, this nation issued new bird stamp set again which featuring four rare coastal birds. The stamp sound attractive and thanks Mr. Tran sent me above nice cover from Cai Rang, a southern Vietnam town.

Nordmann's Greenshank is a migrate bird in far-east, nowadays population only leaves 1,000 birds and has been listed as endangered species in IUCN red list. Most of them breeds in northern Japan and some appear on north-east China. They migrate to south during winter, commonly stay in Malaya Peninsula but few of them in south Vietnam and the Philippines. Spoon-billed Sandpiper is a small wader breeds in north-east of Russia, as well as Nordmann's Greenshank, it will migrate to south for the winter where like Hongkong, India and Burma. In 2007, less than 100 pairs have been recorded by the statistics of BirdLife International. Now the sandpiper was listed as critically endangered species. Saunders's Gull is a species under Gulls (鷗科) family, this rare migrated gull to be found in the coastline of Russia, Japan, Korea Peninsula, China to northern part of Vietnam. As the habitat loss, the population of the species is decreasing and the status now is vulnerable. Indian Skimmer, it is one of three skimmers in the family, actually it formerly to be found in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos but now being extinct in this area. Now it can be found in river bank of India and Burma. The population is estimated about 6,000 to 10,000 individuals.

Thanks to Tran again below first day cover sent on 10th October, 2010. From Saigon.

From left to right :
8500d : Saunders's Gull (黑嘴鷗) ; 6500d : Spoon-billed Sandpiper (琵嘴鷸)
10000d : Indian Skimmer (剪咀鷗)
Vietnam (2010)
10th October, 2010. Saigon

14 September 2010

Ascension White-tailed Topicbird

Ascension White-tailed Tropicbird (阿森松白尾鸏)
Ascension Islands (2009)
16th June, 2010. George Town
23rd June, 2010. Mount Pleasant, London

Seems I do not need make a lot of description, White-tailed Tropicbird was appeared on many countries' issues and repeated many times. Not surprisingly, Accession Islands issued this species few times and above registered cover featuring the latest version was issued on 2009. This species really is very common in the worldwide but the Ascension's one is the endemic sub-species P. l. ascensionis.

Actually, the most interested place of the cover is the registration label, due to the political of the territory, Ascension, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha are using same registration label with prefix SH. Here shown two covers from Ascension and St Helena, which also have registered code RJ000056530SH and RJ000009937SH separately. The last one, mail of Tristan da Cunha with new registration label will be shown in here on early 2011.

40p : Bael Tree (野煙樹) ; 50p : Yellow Bells (黃鐘花)
St Helena (2007)
16th July, 2008. Jamestown

10 September 2010

Come again, albatrosses

From left to right :
90p : Wandering Albatross (漂泊信天翁)
60p : Light-mantled Sooty Albatross (淡額黑信天翁)
27p : Grey-headed Albatross (灰頭信天翁)
22p : Black-browed Albatross (黑眉信天翁)
Falkland Islands (2009)
11th June, 2010. Stanley

Thanks for James this albatross postcard from Falkland Islands, he made a request to the philatelic bureau couple of months ago and it turned back a while. The postcard featuring a set of albatross which issued on 2009 and one of stamp, Black-browed Albatross has been shown here. These four species are quite commonly to be found in the Falkland Islands, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and most area of South Atlantic and Southern Ocean. However as the irresponsible fishing methods in recent years, population of the most species of albatross family is decreasing and facing extinct.
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